RRSWebServer is a high performance Guardian based web server that allows developers to add their own web pages, images, direct access to Enscribe, SQL, or any file on a NonStop server using standard Guardian file system procedure calls, and easily interfaces to Pathway servers using the ServerClassSend procedure call. The RRSWebServer can provide secure internet communications using cryptographic protocols by implementing NonStop SSL. The only products required are TCP/IP, pTal or epTal, and NMC or CCOMP. OSS, open source products, or other third party products are NOT required or needed. All of the RRSWebServer's files reside in the NSK file system.

Think of the RRSWebServer as a NonStop application where River Rock Software is providing the web browser interface routines. For each NonStop application implemented, a new instance of the RRSWebServer is created making each web application portable and modifying one RRSWebServer application will not affect other RRSWebServer applications.

The RRSWebServer demo and product that is purchased comes with pre-defined sample webpages. The intention is to show RRSWebServer's powerful set of features and to also provide developers with actual working webpages that perform specific NonStop functions. Developers simply create their own images and cut and paste from the sample webpages to create their applications web interface. Our goal is to help customers convert an existing 'green screen' or text based interface to a web browser interface in weeks.

End User Features

  • Web applications run on any PC, tablet, or smartphone. Having the ability to support all devices opens a whole new world of solutions to satisfy and stay ahead of your end users requirements.
  • Web browser applications allow fantastic visual interfaces to be designed and easily implemented that is much more pleasing, intuitive, and will greatly increase user productivity.
  • End users are experts at using web browsers. Converting your 'green screen' or SCOBOL application to a web application will make you a hero. Really.
  • End users will also expect a one second response time. With RRSWebServer comes great performance. All of the required products and layers of software required in other web server solutions don't exist. There is only one layer of software - RRSWebServer.
  • End users have the ability to view and print reports from the NonStop Spooler to their local PC printer.
  • RRSWebServer is Guardian based which is what you know and love. There are no OSS or third party components required. Who wants to learn OSS or the vi editor let alone manage a third party web server.

Programmer Features

  • The core source code is included with the purchase of the RRSWebServer. This not only allows dynamic web pages to be embedded into the server, but any source logic can also be added. Like, opening any file on the NonStop Server, validate user input, or call SERVERCLASS_SEND_ to communicate to a Pathway managed server. The RRSWebServer is really a NonStop application that interfaces to a web browser.
  • RRSWebServer doesn't support just the popular browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. It can support any browser. Implement features that don't exist in other web servers.
  • Call Guardian procedures to open, read, update Enscribe, SQL, edit files, any file on the NonStop server.
  • Interface to Pathway servers without any code changes to the Pathway servers. First design and code the desired web pages, add a ServerClassSend call, test, and launch the new web interface.
  • Typically the number of SCOBOL screens can be reduced by 75% because of the functionality provided by a versatile web interface and the adjustable size of a browser window.
  • A library of routines are available to assist in creating web pages, date formatting (18 different formats provided), time formatting (HH AM/PM, 24 hour clock), retrieve edit files, etc.
  • Two pre-defined web pages are available that allow users to view and print their spooled reports. The ability to delete reports is configurable.
  • Two pre-defined logon web pages are available that processes a Guardian logon and the second an application logon.
  • Validate a user accessing the web application by user name, password, a user's IPAddress, and a SessionID.
  • Greatly enhance html forms using third party JavaScript controls - dojo, DevExtreme, and wijmo.
  • Web interface updates can be installed on the fly. A web page can be updated and the next time a user views the web page, it will be updated no matter how a browser's cache is configured.
  • Knowledge of pTal or C, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS is important. And the fastest way to learn these technologies is by providing working examples and the ability to cut and paste working code.
  • There are three basic steps to display a webpage in a web browser: 1. Call a RRSWebServer procedure to open and read a webpage into the RRSWebServer's cache, 2. Use the RRSWebServer's procedures to insert data into an element in a webpage or use XMLHttpRequest, and 3. Call a RRSWebBrowser procedure to send the webpage to a web browser.

System Management Features

  • No third party products to learn, install, keep updated, or process bug reports. This is a major feature!
  • End user response times are very easy to manage with the performance reports that are automatically generated nightly. They show the maximum number of servers used at one time and the number of requests processed by each server. To decrease response times just start more servers.
  • No installing third party product updates because a new release of Guardian was installed.
  • System Management and Operations involvement is minimal especially compared to managing any other web server product.

Product Brief

Key Benefits

The simplicity of the RRSWebServer is probably the most significant benefit - only one product to support, update, and maintain.

Any file on the NonStop server can be accessed using standard Guardian supplied procedures. Communicate with any NonStop program. Communicate with Pathway Servers using ServerClassSend.

Build state-of-the-art web pages using HTML, CSS, and program using JavaScript. Enhance standard HTML controls using dojo, wijmo, or DevExtreme.

The RRSWebServer is fast and lightweight. The demo requires less than one megabyte of memory and response times are typically less than 3 seconds.

The RRSWebServer can provide secure internet communications using cryptographic protocols by implementing NonStop SSL.

Optionally allow users to view spoolfiles in the NonStop Spooler.

The RRSWebServer comes with 8 pre-defined web pages to assist with a quick implementation.

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Dependency Information

  • S-Series, Itanium, Blade, and x86 platforms supported.
  • NonStop Server - 400MB of disk space.
  • TCP/IP, pTal/epTal, and NMC/CComp required.
  • All PCs: Windows, Mac, Linux, .etc.
  • All tablets and smartphones that support a web browser.