River Rock Software's Privacy Statement

What is personal data and how we use it
Personal data is limited to customer email addresses and phone numbers. That personal data is used only for:

Invoice Processing: For each site, an email address is stored for the appropriate person or functional group that processes invoices. If payment is processed using a credit card, the credit card number is never stored.

Product Support: The email address and phone number for a site's technical contact allows bug reports and new product versions to be announced.

Regulating product downloads: When a product's ZIP file is downloaded from the River Rock Software website, the IPAddress of the PC is retrieved so that River Rock Software support analysts become aware a new product version will be installed at a site. Also, the IPAddress is translated to insure that unwanted guests are not downloading products for which they are not authorized. The IPAddress is translated to a city and state/country.

Sharing personal data
River Rock Software has never and will never sell, rent, or lease personal data to any person or company.

How we keep personal data secure
One PC is used for all communications with our customers. That PC has an active filewall installed and the router out to the internet is also protected by a firewall.

How long do we keep personal data
Personal data is retained on one PC indefinatly in the event that a customer who has terminated a support contract and has decided to purchase support on an insident basis.

Deleting personal data
When a support contract is terminated, a request can also be made to also delete all personal data.

How to contact us
If you have any questions or concerns about the way we manage your personal data, our 'Contact' webpage contains our phone number or email address. We will respond to all requests within 24 hours.