River Rock Software, Inc.

We have 34 years of NonStop Server experience.
For 34 years we gained our expertise while working at Tandem Computers in software development, education, and providing 1st and 2nd level technical support to NonStop customers. We have an in-depth technical understanding of the NonStop Server and organizational processes to successfully run a customer oriented business.

We have 20 years of customer experience.
River Rock Software has been in business for 22 years and during that time we have broadened our knowledge to include a deep understanding of what NonStop customers want and need to be productive and excited to start each workday.

We understand your pain.
Today is challenging for any IT department having to comply with required regulations and meet project schedules on time typically without the required staffing. The average attrition rate is 15%, new employees will be joining your team. The NonStop Server is a proprietary operating system and it can take a new employee up to a year to become proficient. There will be an ‘extra load’ on your most experienced staff answering questions day to day. You have many people in different organizations that need to access data and reports on the NonStop Server that do not have access today.

River Rock Software’s products.
During the startup of River Rock Software, we designed and created software tools that we wanted, that we wish we had 32 years ago. Once our products were released, we paid close attention to our user’s comments. Their excitement generated hundreds of new features which we have implemented over the years. The result, a collection of feature rich and high quality products that are used around the world.

Bridging the gap.
Our products are revolutionary on the NonStop Server. For instance, TheView product is to the NonStop Server that Microsoft Windows is to the PC. Today, how many users perform their day to day tasks using a Command Prompt window and not Microsoft Windows? How many users know what a Command Prompt window is (let’s see, CD to change PC folders, MKDIR to create a PC folder, right, I remember)? If users are not using TheView, then they are using a Terminal Emulation product that is very much like a Command Prompt window. TheView intentionally provides the same style of interface as Windows allowing experienced and non-technical users to access a NonStop Server day one. Our products bridge the gap allowing point click access to reports, develop state-of-the-art applications, generate eye catching reports from invoices, form letters, to billing statements!

We want you as a customer, your users will be happy you did.
We want you as a customer! We have great products. We are the vendor you will not hear a complaint about. We release 30 to 40 minor product versions each year. Over 95% of the time a bug fix is provided the following day it is reported. Our users love our products and believe we have the best support policies in the business. Your users will too.

About Company

  • River Rock Software, Inc. was established as a corporation June 3, 1999.

  • The first product released was PeruseView 1.0 at ITUG in San Jose, California November 8, 1999.

Our Idea

Our idea was to develop software tools that provided powerful yet easy to use GUI and web interfaces to data on the HP NonStop server.

It seemed so odd to use an emulator, 24 lines by 80 columns, to edit text files on the most powerful and advanced server compared with editing PC text files using powerful PC editors that color coded source files, hot key enabled, powerful editing commands that made our jobs fun!

Of course, not much has changed, this is still our idea today!

Our Standards

  • Develop state-of-the-art products using the PC as the presentation interface and the NonStop server as the data repository.

  • Ensure 95% of the product features implemented are based on customer enhancement requests.

  • Ensure 95% of all software issues reported will have a fix available the following day.

  • Ensure a ROI of six months or less.