Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
Product: PeruseView, Report Formatter, and Client Manager

Our end users use PeruseView on their PCs/laptops to directly access their NonStop spooler jobs for viewing and printing. The majority of these end users work remotely and it is not always easy for them to download NonStop spooler jobs and print them locally in an accurate format! With PeruseView and Report Formatter, users can now download peruse jobs as PDFs/word documents etc. and print them on a local printer or send reports without logging onto a NonStop server to do so!

Using the Client Manager software that runs in conjunction with PeruseView, we are able to segregate the reports so users can only see the reports that they have run, without changing the ownership of the jobs in Peruse.

I must also mention that the support we get from River Rock Software is exceptional – prompt replies to emails and River Rock Software is very open to suggestions for improvements to the products. Thanks River Rock Software!

Sanjay Patel, NonStop Project Manager

Bob Selby
Product: TheView

"I am a VERY SATISFIED customer of River Rock Software and your product, TheView. Your support is the best I have ever experienced from a software vendor in my 30 years plus in the industry.” I would be glad to visit with any prospective customer.

Bob Selby, Infrastructure Specialist

Washington State Department of Revenue
Product: TheView

I had reservations about the purchase and installation of TheView as I felt it would degrade the skill level and understanding by staff of how to use the HP NonStop utilities. The benefits of using TheView has outweighed any concern that I had. Productivity for our Production Services staff has increased. TheView has made viewing results of batch job runs much easier. File transfers are a snap, drag and drop. Comparisons of files is easily done with differences shown for both files. Working with OSS files is a breeze in comparison to using the OSH utilities. TheView allows for sorting of data and the export of the data to the Microsoft Suite of software. The development staff has come to rely on TheView. We are continually finding new ways that TheView can be used to increase our productivity.

Support? River Rock Software is prompt to respond to Emails requesting assistance/direction. They are open to requests for enhancements and has implemented requests for enhancements.

Tandem System Administrator/Production Services Supervisor

Networks - Systems & Programming
Product: TheView

We’ve been using TheView for 16 years and we’re still loving it. It’s an indispensable product for us, providing graphical interfaces to our NonStop systems. Editing files residing on the NonStop with a powerful windows based graphical editor is a game changer. The editor has many great features such as color coding by file type for TACL, COBOL, TAL, SQL, and many others. An underrated and overlooked feature of the editor is column selection and manipulation across multiple rows.

Here are a few more tools and features we use every day:
• Peruse Tool is very important, given the NonStops do not come with a decent way to view spooled print files.
• Find File tool lets us very quickly find any set of files while optionally searching their contents.
• Workspaces allow us to change to different preconfigured userids with one click.
• With just a click or two we can send results from any of the tools, including the editor, to a printer, excel, word, email, or a new editor window.

I could go on and on. Indispensable says it all.

Systems & Programming Analyst

Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver
Product: TheView

I have been using TheView since 2008, for support and development. I am now using TheView 2015 and am quite happy with it.
It is very easy to install, intuitive to use, with a fast response time, clean and modern ribbon interface.
I love the History tab and the export capabilities, into text, Excel or Word. There are other useful features that I need to explore.

My daily tools are as follows:
• The Editor - powerful editing for programmers and users alike. If you are coding in COBOL, SQL, TACL or other programming languages, you can activate the respective language definition, for the syntax highlighting and code formatting.
• PERUSE - critical tool, fast and easy to use.
• Compare - excellent to compare text differences between two text files.
• File and FTP - both utilities work very good, no issues.

TheView offers a great set of tools. It even has its own browser. It is a mature and complete IDE. I could not imagine doing my job without it.
The support from the vendor is 10 out of 10, always.
P.S. This is not a paid review. :)

Senior Systems Analyst/Designer
Acute & Ambulatory Solutions | Information Management/Information Technology Services | PHSA

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Nonstop Software Development – DP2
Product: TheView

“I use TheView every day to improve my productively. The File tool’s editor is unique in that it can be used for both NSK and OSS files. It also supports multi-line column editing which I find extremely useful. I use the Find File tool extensively to locate occurrences of a label, phrase or regular expression within several hundred files in just a few seconds. This avoids the need for a compiler cross reference list to find the references to a literal, define, variable or procedure name. The Peruse Tool helps be manage my reports, listings, etc., in the Spooler. I would be far less productive if I did not have TheView as my tool kit.”

Jim Tate, Software Design Specialist

HP Global Nonstop Solution Center
Product: TheView

"Concerning development tools for Guardian, TheView 2012 is probably one the best tool I’ve ever used. Most of the customers I deal with have no desire to use vi to edit files in OSS. TheView 2012 is a good tool for the following reasons:
• Allows single sign-in to multiple systems.
• Allows editing OSS files either with TheView editor or the PC editor of your choice.
• Allows searching large OSS directories for specific strings, useful when your source tree is large (just did such a search of the NS JSP source directory).
• Allows multiple shells to one or multiple systems."

John Zimsky, Master Engineer

HP Global Nonstop Solution Center
Product: TheView

"The best Application Development tool on Guardian!
• The editor has all standard cut, paste and replace features plus bookmarks; plus Language Color coding for C/C++; COBOL; pTAL; Enform; TACL; NETBATCH; SQL; Java; HTML; XML; pearl; Tcl; and more active languages.
• Use a PC editor on files listed in the File Tool; Create File Tool icons of OSS Directories dropped onto TheView’s desktop makes it easy to open and edit multiple source files; multiple shell scripts; multiple SQL/MX Queries.
• Workspaces allow separation of projects; Different workspaces for client source and server source; For development and production systems.
• Compare Tool does excellent job of finding all fixes between different versions of the same source code.
• EMS Tool allows histogram of Event arrival showing when problems begin and end based on event activity.
• Simplified SCF tool very helpful for doing the same thing across many Objects."

Mike McDonald, Senior Support Specialist

The Washington Lottery, Olympia Washington
Product: PeruseView

"Our end users generate their own reports on the Tandem. In the past they had to be taught Peruse in special training classes. Now, with the Windows look and feel of PeruseView, users are able to easily view and print their reports with minimal training or no training at all. In addition to the ease of use, PeruseView allows users to easily import reports into Excel and Word, and even to send them via email right from PeruseView."

Product: Report Formatter

"Report Writer has allowed us to develop reports on our Tandem system that were previously unheard of on a mainframe computer. We are able to use different fonts, letter sizes, bold, underline, line draw... These reports look just like ones produced by the latest network based tools."

HP NonStop Division, Cupertino California
Product: TheView

"TheView is a Windows style editor that puts a modern interface on NonStop systems. In TMF development, our projects encompass many different subprojects so TheView's ability to open 80 files and multiple subvolumes at the same time has greatly increased productivity. Searching, cutting and pasting within and between files, and opening listing files are all incredibly simple operations - and all editing is transparently saved back to the NonStop system with a simple Windows style Save. And if we ever accidentally delete the NSK file (programmer error), TheView has cached a copy of the file on the PC for retrieval!

We open multiple Execution Windows so that we can run simple compiles and complete builds within our source control system. The infinite depth of the Execution Window is a real plus - for instance, we can debug a dump and have the complete record of what we have done. It is a simple cut and paste operation to take the pertinent parts of the dump and e-mail them to others for further discussion.

Installation is a breeze, and support has been phenomenal. Any bugs (the handful there have been, have all been minor) have been acted on quickly; and requests for enhancements have been enthusiastically received and often put in an upcoming release.

If you have ever used a Windows product (like Word) before, it will be natural to use TheView!"

AOL, Reston Virginia
Product: TheView

When we first evaluated TheView a new IDE Tool by River Rock Software, it provided a GUI-based development and system management tool for the Tandem platforms. Anyone that saw a demo of the tool or that has actually used the tool unanimously agrees that it is a sorely needed tool.

The benefits obtained are largely attributable to the features and functions provided;

Higher productivity simply by the nature of the GUI interface that provides point and click, drag-n-drop, along with the multitude of development-level features and shortcuts that eliminate or minimize the need for a command-line interface within and between PCs and Tandem environments.

Better able to leverage non-Tandem developer and QA personnel pool but removing and abstracting the Tandem specific knowledge requirements. As requested features and functions are added, this becomes an even more compelling justification.

Significantly shorten the spin up time for contractors, QA personnel and new developers. In speaking with QA managers, they are eager to utilize the tool because they too can leverage all of their resources and potentially assign any QA personnel with minimal Tandem training in order to conduct many QA tasks.

River Rock Software has also been very attentive to adding features and functions specifically geared toward AOL requirements as added incentive to purchase the tool.